Our approach

An entirely Aboriginal solution

ABSCAN offers housing financing to First Nations and to members living on-reserve (in the community) according to normal market regulations. Our loans are made based on the borrower’s repayment capacity and home values without the need for the Band Council’s guarantee.

ABSCAN advocates for the creation of a continuum of housing solutions to reduce the pressure on Band Councils to resolve all issues related to housing in their communities. ABSCAN offers solutions to housing shortages and over-crowding housing based on community members’ real needs and financial reality. There has been marked improvement in the quality of individual and collective life in the communities where a homeownership program has been put in place. ABSCAN allows individuals to grow a financial asset that creates wealth in the community.


The objective is to find an equilibrium between private and social housing.
This presupposes a strategic and coordinated approach that is gradually put in place at the Nations’ own rhythm, with visible results and tangible benefits at each step of the transformation. This is what ABSCAN’s loan and tools for change approach offers.

ABSCAN’s mission, vision, and values


To offer Aboriginal clients savings products and financial support in the form of loans, especially in housing and real estate.


To be a privileged partner in Aboriginal clients’ development.


Our reason for being is to contribute to our clients’ well-being and autonomy by introducing novel financial solutions to the range of solutions already offered. We believe in innovation, efficiency, leadership, impact, customer service, and fairness for all First Nations peoples.