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Some First Nations confront important issues in terms of housing, particularly in terms of the availability of culturally appropriate homes that correspond to community members way of life. Innu Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-Utenam (ITUM) is aware of this problem and is eager to help improve this situation for the good of community. ITUM began researching how to develop an innovative real estate project in the early 2000s with the aim of finding a means to strengthen members’ connection to their new homes, among other things.


In this sense, in 2003, ITUM commissioned the Université Laval to carry out a market study with the aim of designing a prototype house that would best suit the needs and reality of the members of the Innu community. The concept of “Innu Houses” was born from this study. “Innu Houses” are affordable and durable; they are adapted to the social, economic, demographic, and environmental characteristics of Innu territory and incorporate key element of Innu culture and traditions.

The “Innu House” project responds to major housing challenges members consulted for the project currently face. This is why ABSCAN became a partner in this innovative project. Beginning in the summer of 2022, two houses will be built in Uashat and Maliotenam.


Manawan inaugurated this Elders’ Home in September 2021. Thirty semi-autonomous elders call the residence home.


SOCCA and ABSCAN are very proud to have accompanied the community so the project could see the light of day, as well as to have participated financially.


With the help of ABSCAN, Pikogan adopted a homeownership policy for members of the Abitibiwinni First Nation in 2018. This policy allowed a pilot homeownership project to be put in place that aims to promote members’ autonomy.

Denise is a homeowner in Pikogan. Learn about her story:

Nathalie will soon become a homeowner. Learn about her story:


The Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci revised and updated its housing policy in 2017.

The new policy allowed ABSCAN to accompany the community so that its member could purchase the homes they rented, build new homes, or rent-to-buy. According to Chief François Néashit, this will give members a sense of responsibility for their homes. Selling homes will lighten the burden on the Band Council and will, above all, expand the range of housing options available.

Since 2017, more than 20 families have become homeowners either by building a new home or by purchasing their current home from their Band Council.

“ABSCAN allowed me to develop the project every father dreams of: building a nest for his family! Building our own home also freed up a house for others. I hope our achievement will inspire other to do the same.

Our house is currently under construction and we are eager to move to a bigger space, both inside and out!” – Patrick Petiquay, Wemotaci
“I want to thank ABSCAM for having confidence in us!
Becoming a homeowner makes me so happy! It feels great. I didn’t think I would become a homeowner so soon, especially on reserve!”
– Nicky Petiquay, Wemotaci