SÉDAC announces the issuance of savings bonds

SÉDAC announces the issuance of savings bonds
Offered in multiples of $X, these bonds are available from X to Y or until sold out. Investing through savings bonds can provide three benefits to Aboriginal people, including the non-taxation of interest income.


A savings product that generates tax-free investment income

ABSCAN offers a savings product that generates tax-free investment income earmarked for the economic development of First Nations and their members.


Down payment required:

Learn more from a housing loan advisor and see if you are eligible for programs that do not require a down payment!

Interest rates

Affordable and competitive when compared to traditional Canadian bank rates

Loan terms

Type of loans available:

Homeowner loans for First Nations members (construction, acquisition, renovation)

Tools for Change

ABSCAN will work with you so that your projects—both small and large—succeed

ABSCAN is here to accompany you through the different steps necessary to complete your project thanks to individualized solutions adapted to the needs, goals, and priorities of your Nation. ABSCAN is here to make your dream a reality!

We firmly believe that home ownership will help resolve the housing crisis that is currently raging in many communities.

Our “loan and tools for change” approach aims to expand the range of housing options available. With this approach, the community and its members take the initiative and share responsibility for decisions and financing, based on their own priorities, needs, and means.
We offer you support to understand the fundamentals of personal finance and borrowing. You will find useful tools in the section titled Additional Information.

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